Maj. S. H. Colms, First Tennessee Battalion.
MAY 16, 1863

SIR: On Tuesday last, at Raymond, I was ordered to move my command out on the Port Gibson road, which was done. After we took our position, I was ordered to support Bledsoe's battery. About 2 p.m. I was ordered to occupy a position in a skirt of woods immediately in front of the enemy and on the north side of the Port Gibson road. This position was scarcely taken until I was ordered to double-quick and take position in the rear of Bledsoe's battery. The movement was nearly completed when I was ordered to check a flank movement of the enemy on their extreme left. I immediately moved my command forward, and took position in the field on the south side of the Port Gibson road, under the fire of the enemy's batteries, and on his extreme left, where I formed my line of battle as last designated. The enemy had drawn up in line two regiments, and was in the act of making a flank movement. As soon as they saw us in line on their left flank, they fled behind a skirt of woods on the south side of the field and disappeared. During this time the enemy's sharpshooters and their batteries were keeping up a most terrific fire upon us. When the enemy disappeared from our front, I changed my position to the road on the left of Bledsoe's battery, and then again by order still farther to the left, under the brow of a hill in the field to the left of the road.

In this action we suffered severely in killed, wounded, and missing, a list of which is as follows:

Major First Tennessee Battalion.


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