Near Mississippi Springs, May 13, 1863

In the engagement yesterday near Raymond, my regiment (Forty-first Tennessee) being held in reserve, all the companies were not actively engaged until near its close; but in changing positions the regiment was several times under heavy fire. When moving from near the center of our line of battle to the extreme left, which, judging from the firing in that direction, I apprehended was seriously menaced, I found the enemy's skirmishers or sharpshooters advancing into a skirt of timber which partially enveloped our extreme left. I immediately threw out Captain [A. S.] Boone's company as skirmishers, with orders to clear the woods in front, and then moved the regiment farther to the left to a strong position on the --------[Gallatin] road, thus forming as well as covering the extreme left of our line. Our skirmishers, under the gallant Captain Boone, advanced into the woods, driving the enemy, and did not fall back immediately, although met by a heavy force of the enemy, but continued to advance until fired upon by the enemy's line. Captain Boone was killed at this discharge, and the enemy advancing immediately, occupying the ground, I am sorry to say that the body of this gallant officer had to be left on the field. The enemy made no farther advance in that direction, however, and we continued to hold our position for more than half an hour, and until we were ordered by General Gregg to retire slowly from the field in rear of the brigade, which we did very slowly and in excellent order.
The following is a list of casualties.

Respectfully submitted.

Colonel Forty-first Tennessee.


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