Capt. John S. Foster,
Fourth Independent Company Ohio Cavalry, commanding Cavalry Battalion

(only the portion pertaining to the Battle of Raymond)

Remaining in camp on the Big Black until the afternoon of May 7, moved to Rocky Springs; remained till the morning of the 9th, and took the advance of the army, reconnoitering the front of the line of march until the army arrived within 8 miles of Raymond, Hinds County, Mississippi, having considerable skirmishing with the enemy about 5 miles north of Utica on the afternoon of the 10th, encamping for the night on Weeks' plantation, and 23 miles distant from Hankinson's Ferry. Here a battalion of cavalry, composed of my company and Companies A and E, Second Illinois Cavalry, and Company C, Fifth Missouri Cavalry, was formed, in obedience to orders from headquarters Seventeenth Army Corps, to the command of which I was assigned, the battalion numbering 162 men for duty.

The 11th was occupied by me in reconnoitering the roads in front, to the right and left of Weeks' plantation, for a distance of 5 or 6 miles, encamping that night 2 miles in advance of said plantation.

On the morning of the 12th, I proceeded with my command at 3.30 a.m. on the Raymond road, soon meeting the enemy's cavalry, and commenced skirmishing with them, driving them within 2 miles of Raymond, losing Private Philip Wagner, Company C, Fifth Missouri, killed, and Herman Fensky, same company, wounded, and found in force the enemy who, being engaged by General Logan's division, I used my command in watching the movements of the enemy on the right and left of our line of battle, with occasional skirmishing. After the enemy was routed, I started in pursuit, following them until after dark and about 3 miles beyond Raymond, capturing a number of prisoners; returned, and encamped in the latter place for the night; distance, 9 miles.


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